Ways to Distribute Bibles and Books

“We have to see the need of today's world, and we have to realize what the Lord has given us and how much we have today. These truths concerning God's New Testament economy should not be just for ourselves but for the entire earth and especially for all the children of God.”
—Witness Lee, The Way to Practice the Lord's Present Move, Chapter 1

“Think about the thousands of dear Christian brothers in your vicinity who need the truth that you have. They need the truth in the Recovery Version and in the Life-study messages. They need us to go to them to read one page or one paragraph of our publications with them. They will receive the light. If we go to others again and again in this way, our entire locality and region will be enlightened. We need to go out to spread the marvelous truths the Lord has shown us.”
—Witness Lee, The Way to Practice the Lord's Present Move, Chapter 6

There are two main ways to participate in distributing the Recovery Version and a selection of ministry books: personally to those you’re burdened for (personal distribution), and as part of larger outreach activities in your locality (church distribution).

1. Personal distribution (New!)

You can now order Bibles and books to give away to friends, family, neighbors, and colleagues you are personally in contact with or are shepherding in order to present them with the wonderful truths in the ministry. You can order up to 5 Bibles and 5 books per month.

These are provided at no cost; you only need to pay for postage. If you'd like to help cover the cost of the Bibles and books, you can consider making a suggested donation of $5 per Bible and $1 per book on our Give page.

Order Bibles and Books

2. Church distribution

BfA also provides Bibles and books to churches for outreach and gospel activities.

The leading brothers can email materials@bfa.org with any questions, and we will be happy to assist them.